Pablo Astorga
London, UK

Bio: I am currently PhD student at Bartlett school of Planning, University College London. I have a BA in architecture from P.U.C. in Chile. My main interest now is urban governance and Informality. I'm now looking into why Chile's such a success story in terms of having less and less "informal settlements".

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    1. Hi,
      That’s a tricky question, lots of answers actually… What i can shortly say is that informal is whatever is not formal. Informal settlements are one very visible part of informality. mOts disciplines (economy, sociology, anthropology) all have their say on this. Informal settlements is a diplomatic word to not use the word “slum”, as may researchers criticize. I would stick to the first meaning, for it helps not narrowing the agency of inequality. After all, what is NOT formal is also a meaning and a world carved out by those who decide what IS formal (WB, governments, NGOs, etc.). Hope it helps. Its a topic in itself, maybe I should attempt answering it! thanks for Q.


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