What competition, Financial Times?…

Financial Times has, interestingly, decided to shed light upon the decrease in competitiveness in different markets. what I find more worrying are how they narrow down the causes:

courtesy of The Financial Times

Courtesy of The Financial Times

I do not see in any of this interesting issues acknowledgement in how the world has deliberately been made un-competitive. While in the western side of the world we still enjoys relative peace and capacity to actually foster a market; other sides of the world only experience war, massive evictions and destruction which cost decades of development. This discussion is not only western in all its tone, for it only addresses huge western companies. It also cuts out any involvement of financial and economic interests through warfare of even through the international corporates’ practices. Where is the global south here? Which is where a significant portion of our production systems locates anyway. What we see in the news about the “migrant crisis” is part and parcel of a deflating international and interdependent economy. As mentioned in other posts, we are not shown all of what is happening. We are uninformed in terms of what’s eroding countries from competing in relatively fair terms. And publications like these must be considered as just starting a debate. If this debate is to be constructive, there are clearly many more issue to bring forward.

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